Title: Scrubs
Year: 2001-2010
Actors: Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Ken Jenkins, Neil Flynn, Judy Reyes, Robert Maschio
Genre: Comedy, Drama,
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: We found turtle elements in 12 episodes of this series, all of them are in the dialogue layer and a large part concerns the character of doctor Turk who is still referred to by one of the characters as “Turtle head”.

In the first episode of the second season (My Overkill) there is a large piece of text that alludes to the story the Tortoise and the Hare.

– You know, Bob, I’ve been thinking about all the times that you’ve manipulated me and toyed with me, and, well, I can’t help but recall that children’s fable about the race between the tortoise and the pain-in-the-ass chief of medicine that everybody hates. You see, Bob, the pain-in-the-ass chief of medicine that everybody hates kept running out in front of the tortoise and taunting him; but right at the end – gosh, I’m sure you remember what happened, Bob – the tortoise bit clean-through the chief of medicine’s calf muscle, dragged him to the ground, where he and all the other turtles devoured him alive , right there on the racetrack. It’s a … disturbing children’s book, Bob, I know, but it’s one that stuck with me, nonetheless.

In the twelfth episode of the second season (My New Old Friend) there is a mention of Turtle Wax, the owner of the car tells the people sitting on his vehicle to get off it, unless their pants are made from Turtle Wax.

– I’m just Jim Dandy. Now, unless your pants are made out of Turtle Wax, I suggest you boys get your asses off of Bessy.

In the tenth episode of season three (My Rule of Thumb) the term “turtle-head(ed)” appear.

Ohhh, hey Dr. Turk, you old turtle-headed pain in the ass.

In the thirteenth episode of the third season (My Porcelain God) this term is used again.

Oh, that’s just dandy. I got a billion patients and no rooms, and I got Newbie pestering me for advice on how to be the best woman at Turtlehead’s wedding, and I got a resident who can’t do a simple procedure even though she learned it the first week she was here.

In season four, episode sixteen (My Quarantine), Turk is once again referred to as the Turtle head.

I’m talking legitimate doctors, turtle head.

Happy Together by The Turtles appears in the tenth episode of season five (Her Story II) .
In the eighteenth episode of season five (My New Suit) there is a mention that one character’s son, Jack, hit a turtle in the face.

– Ugh. And gotta go down to Jack’s preschool. Apparently Seymour was teasing him, so he punched him in the face.
– Do Seymour’s parents have to go down there?
– I doubt it. They’re turtles.

In the twenty-sixth episode of the fifth season (My Urologist) there is a mention of “turtle’s wink”.

– Anyway, I hope you don’t mind your new middle initial.
– I don’t mind it a turtle’s wink.

In the ninth episode of season six (My Perspective), the name Turtlehead is used again as a name for Dr. Turk.

– Okay, in here we have Mrs Frank, who is in renal failure, and over here we have Dr Turtlehead, who is suffering from a severe case of the “sulkies.”

In the fifteenth episode of season eight (My Soul on Fire: Part 2) there is a mention of the use of a sea turtle as the “person” chosen to carry wedding rings.

– Todd, you are in charge of locating a Justice of the Peace … and finding a sea turtle to serve as a ring bearer.

Turtles are mentioned in the second episode of season nine (Our Drunk Friend).

– Up on your island all chillin ‘with turtles …

In the thirteenth episode of the ninth season (Our Thanks) there are two mentions in the dialogues, first there is a reference to the character of Turtle from the series Entourage, and later, during the end credits, sea turtles are mentioned.

– Surgery is long, tedious and boring.
– I get it. Like episodes of Entourage that revolve around Turtle.

My daughters and I, we love the sea turtles. They’re slow in the body, but fast in the mind, right?

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