Power Rangers in Space

Title: Power Rangers in Space
Year: 1998-1999
Actors: Tracy Lynn Cruz, Patricia Ja Lee, Roger Velasco, Christopher Khayman Lee, Selwyn Ward, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, Melody Perkins, Mioko Fujiwara, Sôichirô Hoshi, Sanae Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi Takishita
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, SF
Country: Japan, France, USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: In the sixth series of Power Rangers, entitled Power Rangers in Space, the turtle element is extremely interesting – because Ninja Turtles appear, or more precisely, their version known from the live action series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation!

They appear in two episodes:
03 (253) – Save Our Ship – They only appear for a moment at the end of the episode.
04 (254) – Shell Shocked – They appears for the entire episode, first as the bad guys (because they are bewitched by the main antagonist), then, of course, they are on the side of Power Rangers and helps them.

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