CSI: Miami

Title: CSI: Miami
Year: 2002–2012
Actors: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Rex Linn, Jonathan Togo, Eva LaRue, Khandi Alexander
Genre: Action, Criminal, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: The turtle elements appear in four episodes of CSI: Miami.

The first case we describe is in Simple Man (season 1, episode 17), “turtle” only appears in dialogue.

– That’s definitely a car. Looks like a compact. Never turtled. The water’s too shallow.

In Whacked (season 3, episode 23), the turtles appear in person – during the montage at the very beginning, there are various scenes, including one with turtles on a floating log, scared and “jumping” into the water.

In Bone Voyage (season 8, episode 7), one of the heroes finds what he thinks is a piece of human bone, but another character corrects him, saying that it is a piece of turtle shell.

– Possible skull fragment.
– Walter, this is a turtle shell.
– Turtle shell?
– Yeah, this is a turtle shell.

In Blown Away (season 10, episode 3), the turtle appears at name level – tornado hunters use a device they call turtle (which stands for “Total Remote Tornado Logging Equipment”). The turtle appears in two dialogues the device itself is also visible.

– You mean, the idiots that drive into tornadoes?
– Well, we do it for scientific research.
– But that is why we invented the Turtle.
– Turtle?
– This. It’s an anagram for Total Remote Tornado Logging Equipment.

So where’s the footage from the Turtle?

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