Title: 88
Year: 2015
Director: April Mullen
Actors: Katharine Isabelle, Christopher Lloyd, Tim Doiron, Kyle Schmid, Michael Ironside, Jesse McCartney, April Mullen, Anthony Ulc, Mickey Moon, Michael Orr, Dax Ravina
Genre: Action, Thriller
Country: Canada

Why in Database: At some point, the heroes find a woman selling weapons. She has a rather unusual personality and during the conversation she shows them her creation, a (stuffed? Sculpture? It’s not defined) turtle, which she managed to create the way she wanted after the 34th try. She notices heroes expression and states that the turtles are cute, maybe stupid, but they live forever. The turtle itself can be seen on the screen, but not very clearly.

I have got something I’m just dying to show you. This here tortoise. It took me 34 tries to get him just right. But look at his smile. I mean, look at his grin. Tortoises are just so cute. They’re stupid, but they live forever.

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