Burden of Dreams

Title: Burden of Dreams
Year: 1982
Director: Les Blank
Wystąpili: Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, Jason Robards, Mick Jagger, Alfredo De Rio Tambo, Ángela Reina, Carmen Correa, Elia De Rio Ene, David Pérez Espinosa
Genre: Documentary
Country: USA

Why in Database: The turtles in this movie appear in three versions. The first is one scene with a real turtle, first we see how one character in the background puts it on the wooden floor, then there is also a nice close-up of a walking turtle. The second appearance is in the form of the sculpture elements which is shown in one of the scenes. The third is only in dialogue.

And now, uh, turtles come to the sandbanks and lay their eggs. Uh, and the Amahuacas come very, very far down to dig for turtle eggs. And that’s why this clash came.

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