Kurt Cobain About a Son

Title: Kurt Cobain About a Son
Year: 2006
Director: AJ Schnack
Wystapili: Kurt Cobain, Nathan Streifel
Genre: Documentary, Music
Country: USA

Why in Database: The Turtle Threads appear in this movie in two versions. The first is Kurt Cobain’s big monologue about how he was obsessed with turtles in his time and bought five or six and kept them in a bathtub in the center of the room.

Besides this long monologue, the turtles are also shown in the graphic layer, the transition from sketch to photo where you can see something in the shape of a turtle shell.

I just became obsessed with turtles one month, decided to buy about 5, 6 of them and then I put them in a bathtub in the middle of the living room. They’re real docile. they don’t move, they show no emotion. They’re so inanimate, you know. They’re just the stupidest idea of a pet. That is the complete opposite of what dogs are. I can’t stand dogs for some reason. They’re just too willing to please and you could do anything to them. I like cats and animals that require attention. You know, you have to take care of them and basically they just have this ‘fuck you’ attitude. ‘So I’m stuck in this tank, I’m miserable, I hate you and I’m not gonna perform for you. Those shells really aren’t that helpful. It’s real sensitive and if you knock on them, it hurts them. So it really isn’t the protective covering that everyone thinks it is. They fall on their back, they’ll split it open and die.

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