The Voyage of Charles Darwin

Title: The Voyage of Charles Darwin
Year: 1978
Actors: Malcolm Stoddard, Andrew Burt, David Ashton, Peter Settelen, Andrew Dunford, Tony Calvin, Cherith Mellor, Edgardo Castro
Genre: Biographical
Country: UK
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: The seven-episode story about Charles Darwin – the title “Voyage” should be understood more broadly that only the cruise itself, during which he visited, among others, Galapagos. It’s rather about all the way to creating and finally publishing his groundbreaking work. Turtles only appear in the fifth episode (with the lengthy Title “I Felt Myself Brought Within Reach of That Great Fact – That Mystery of Mysteries“, but in large numbers! Additionally, in episodes six and seven (Suppose That All Animals and All Plants Are Represented by the Branches of a Tree – The Tree of Life and In the Distant Future, Light Will Be Thrown Upon the Origin of Man, and His History) are smaller fragments with turtles.

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