The Flintstone Comedy Show

Title: The Flintstone Comedy Show
Year: 1980–1981
English dubbing: Mel Blanc, Henry Corden, Jean Vander Pyl, Russi Taylor, Michael Sheehan, Gay Autterson, Frank Welker, Paul Reubens, Ruta Lee, Zelda Rubinstein, Charles Nelson Reilly, John Stephenson, Lennie Weinrib, Don Messick, Mitzi McCall, Billie Hayes, Dena Dietrich
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Country: USA
Viewing method: The first five episodes

Why in Database: Another series from the Flintstones universe, it consists of 2 seasons and 18 episodes. The Flintstones universe is full of turtle elements, so we describe this series based on the first five episodes of the first season.

Turtle elements appear already in the opening/openings (each episode consists of many different segments and stories), for example turtle shells used as helmets or as a gong in the lights.
S01E01 – R.V. Fever/Fred Goes Ape/The Ghost Sitters/Clownfoot/Mouse Cleaning/Quiet Please!/Birthday Boy – Turtle shell as a hat, as a frying pan, as a basket-trailer in a police bike, and as a normal small trailer in another scene.
S01E02 – Sands of the Saharastone/Off the Beaten Track/Secret of Scary Valley/The Masquerader/Camp-Out Mouse/Piece O’Cake/Potion Problem – Turtle shell as hat, as pan, as basket-trailer on the police bike, as a bowl that Dino use to cover a mouse, and as the main part of Captain Caveman’s vehicle. The real turtle (throwing off his shell) appears as the drive for air conditioning.
S01E03 – Gold Fever/A Bad Case of Rockjaw/The Witch of the Wardrobe/The Animal Master/Beach Party/Ghost Mouse/A Night on the Town – Turtle Shell hat and basket trailer in a police motorbike, a real live turtle is shown as a dishwasher.
S01E04 – Bogged Down/Follow That Dogosaurus/Monster Madness/The Mole/Disco Dino/Going Ape/Out of Their League – Turtle shell as a hat and as a basket-trailer on a police bike.
S01E05 – Be Patient, Fred/Mountain Frustration/The Show Must Go On/Rollerman/Finger Lick’n Bad/Wet Paint/Clone for a Day – Turtle shell as hat.

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