Paw Paws

Title: Paw Paws
Year: 1985-1986
English dubbing: Don Messick, Frank Welker, Susan Blu, Ruth Buzzi, Scatman Crothers, Leo DeLyon, Jerry Dexter, Laurie Faso, Pat Fraley, Billie Hayes, John Ingle, Tom Kratochvil, Mitzi McCall
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Country: USA
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: In this 21-episode series, a totem that protects the main characters plays an important role. It consists of a turtle at the bottom, a bear in the middle and an eagle at the top. If necessary, the totemcomes to live and helps, although mainly the bear does the job, the turtle plays a really important role only in one episode.

Apart from the intro and the title board (in which the totem and the turtle appear in all episodes), it appears (is visible) in thirteen episodes, if there is no additional note after the episode’s title, it is just there and, it does not play any bigger role:

01 – The Big Spill
02 – The Wishing Star Crystal – In addition to the totem, there is also a creature whose head looks like a turtle’s shell, when hidden under water, it is mistakenly taken for a turtle.
04 – The Creepy Cave Creature
07 – The Genie-athalon
08 – The Golden Falcon
10 – Tot ’em Termi’ Nation – Termites are trying to eat the totem, there are quite a few close-ups on the turtle.
11 – Waif Goodbye to the Paw Paws
12 – The Dark Totem Pole Monster
16 – Two Heads Are Better than One
18 – The Lost Lake Monster – There is a topic of sadness that turtle totem feel, because he is slow and usually do not take part in the action. And of course, he saves the day with the skills that only he have.
19 – Totem Time Trip – The original version of the totem is also shown, right after carving.
20 – S’no Business
21 – The Zip Zap 4-D Trap

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