K-On!, Ura-On!, K-On!!

Title: K-On!, Ura-On!, K-On!!
Year: 2009-2010
Japan dubbing: Yoko Hikasa, Aki Toyosaki, Minako Kotobuki, Ayana Taketatsu, Satomi Sato, Riki Kitazawa, Rio Natsuki, Madoka Yonezawa, Yui Shouji, Chika Fujitou, Asumi Kodama, Yoriko Nagata
English dubbing: Cristina Valenzuela, Stephanie Sheh, Shelby Lindley, Christine Marie Cabanos, Cassandra Lee Morris, Xanthe Huynh, Laura Bailey, Amanda Celine Miller, Michelle Ann Dunphy
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Music
Country: Japan
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: K-On is a two-season Anime series in which turtles play an important role. There was also a movie, which we discuss in a separate post.
The first season consists of thirteen episodes and one episode in the OVA type, in addition, the DVD and BL release includes a seven-episode series Ura-On !, which are rather simply animated and short (3 minutes) stories with the main characters.
Season two includes 24 regular episodes, two bonus episodes and one OVA episodes, and the nine-episode Ura-On!! series was released for him.

There are three types of turtle motifs in this series – Ornaments, real turtle named Ton, and others.
The decorations are small sculptures of a turtle and a tortoise and the hare found in the school attended by the protagonists. This items decorate the railing by the stairs leading to the room occupied by the Music club (where a lot of the action takes place) – you can see them in many episodes of both seasons, sometimes quite well sometimes only in the background.
The Ton is the name of the turtle (pig-nosed turtle) that the heroines buy for the room mentioned above. He makes his debut in the second episode of the second series and appears in most of the following episodes, usually perfectly visible, for example in the form of close-ups, additionally in a large number of scenes he is visible “in the background”, as a small turtle swimming in the aquarium behind the protagonists. Two episodes in which he does not appear are “away”, the heroines do not appear at the headquarters of their music club and therefore you cannot see Ton.
Others are, of course, all the other appearances of the turtle or turtle related things.

01Disband the Club! – Just decoration.
02Instruments! – Only the turtle symbol on the bag.
05Advisor! – Just decoration..
06School Festival! – Just decoration.
08Freshman Reception! – Just decoration.
09New Club Member! – Just decoration.
11Crisis! – Just decoration.
12Light Music! – Just decoration.
13Winter Days! – Just decoration.
OVALive House! – Only the turtle symbol on the bag.

06Animal Series – In the mind of one of the protagonists, another is shown in a turtle form.

01Seniors! – Decoration.
02Clean-up! – Debiutuje Ton!.
03Drummer! – Many scenes with Ton.
05Staying Behind! – Decoration, Ton, moreover, one of the protagonists wins a large plush turtle, it will appear in a few more episodes, later it will be described briefly as Plush.
06Rainy Season! – Decoration, Ton, Plush.
07Tea Party! – Decoration, Ton.
08Career! – Decoration, Ton, in the memories of one of the protagonists appears also a real turtle, there are also stories about the Tortoise and the Hare and the turtle and the crane.
09Finals! – Ton.
10Teacher! – Ton only in the background.
11Hot! – Ton, turtle drawing on blackboard.
13Late Summer Greeting Card! – Ton.
14Summer Training! – Ton.
15Marathon Tournament! – Ton.
16Upperclassmen! – Decoration, Ton.
17No Club Room! – Decoration, Ton, Plush.
18Leading Role! – Decoration, Ton.
19Romeo and Juliet! – Decoration.
20Yet Another School Festival! – Decoration, Ton only in background.
21Graduation Yearbook! – Ton, decoration.
22Entrance Exams! – Ton, turtle drawing on blackboard.
23After School! – Ton, decoration.
24Graduation Ceremony! – Ton, decoration.

25Planning Discussion! – Ton, decoration.
26Visit! – Ton, decoration.
27Plan! – Ton.

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