Title: Haven
Year: 2004
Director: Frank E. Flowers
Actors: Razaaq Adoti, Orlando Bloom, Agnes Bruckner, Joy Bryant, Bobby Cannavale, Stephen Dillane, Lee Ingleby, Anthony Mackie, Bill Paxton, Victor Rasuk, Zoe Saldana, Robert Wisdom
Genre: Criminal, Drama
Country: UK, Germany, Spain, USA

Why in Database: The turtle appears in three forms in this movie. The first is the most classic appearance, a real turtle tramping down the street. The second is a symbol-embroidery worn on T-shirts by the heroes attending the local school. The third is in dialogue, one of the characters on the accusation that it he not fit the island, responds to the policeman that his family has lived on the island for six generations, from the time of “turtle nests”.

Officer Powell, my family been here six generations. Since tightropes and turtle nets.

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