Ghost Whisperer

Title: Ghost Whisperer
Year: 2005–2010
Actors: Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Christoph Sanders, Jamie Kennedy, Jay Mohr, Aisha Tyler, Connor Gibbs, Kenneth Mitchell
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: We tracked turtle elements in four episodes of this series.

The first is the mention in the second episode of season one (The Crossing), where one of the characters mentions his dead turtle, in two dialogues:

– Do you know what it means to die?
– My turtle died. I woke up, and he wasn’t there anymore. I was looking for him, and my dad had told me he died. He threw him away. I never got to say goodbye. Is that what’s going to happen with me?
– No. Honey, it isn’t.
– I hardly remember that turtle.
– Everyone will remember you, Kenny. I promise. No one who knows you, who loves you, will ever forget you.

– And grandma will be waiting. And…
– Stubby?
– He wants to know about someone named Stubby?
– Yes. Stubby the turtle…
– Oh.
– Will be there, too.

In the eighth episode of the fifth season (Dead Listing) the turtle appears only in the form of verbal and written mention, the main character’s son has special powers and asks the clerk in the shop for magic tricks to write the word on a piece of paper, after which, not seeing it, guesses it. We also see this card.

– All right. i’m ready.
– Turtle.
– That’s awesome.

– There is no way he could have known that the word was “turtle.”

In episode fourteen of the fifth season (Dead to Me) you can see a terrarium with a turtle.

In the fifteenth episode of the fifth season (Imlosion) there is a turtle seen above, but only in the dialogues, because he is dead, we see his grave.

– He was loved and he died too young. even so,he had a big impact on a lot of lives.
– Giovanni was the best turtle in the world.

– You ok?
– Yeah.
– I’m sorry about giovanni. i know the two of you were close.
– He was a good listener.
– You know,i never asked you why you decided to name your turtle Govanni.
– Because if he could talk, i think he’d have an italian accent.
– That makes perfect sense. I love you. see you in the morning.
– I don’t think he’s really dead.
– What?
– Giovanni. He’s not really dead.
– What makes you say that?
– ‘Cause i remember him so good. And all the fun stuff we did. I bet he remembers me, too. Wherever he is.
– Yeah. i bet he does.
– So he’s not really dead.
– You’re a very wise little man.

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