Title: Elementary
Year: 2012-2019
Twórca: Robert Doherty
Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill
Genre: Criminal, Drama
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: Relatively heavily turtle series. Out of 154 episodes over the 7 seasons, we have 22 episodes featuring Clyde the turtle (including the one with only the box in which he hibernates) and 10 episodes where Clyde or other turtles are only mentioned. Clyde is a turtle whose main characters, Sherlock and Watson, adopt after its owner is killed in episode 13 of the first season.

Detailed breakdown of turtle episodes – those with title in bold are those with Clyde.
01×05 Lesser Evils – Sherlock, watching the captured figure of the doctor on TV, compares his attitude to a turtle trying to hide in a shell.

– The slumped shoulders, the pallor, like a turtle trying to retreat back into its shell.

01×13 The Red Team – Clyde debuts and goes under the protection of the heroes. Sherlock initially claims that he intends to make turtles out of him and therefore cares for him (“fattens him” into soup).

– Hello, Clyde.
– Oh, are you taking Clyde?
– He will starve if we leave him here.
– Oh, I didn’t know you liked tortoises.
– I love them. They make an absolutely delicious soup stock.

– And-and how does the head of lettuce fit in?
– Oh, thank you. I nearly forgot. Can’t make soup out of Clyde until I fatten him up, Watson.

– I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t use Clyde as a paperweight.
– Hardly think he minds. You shouldn’t refer to it by its name. It’ll just make it harder to enjoy the soup.

01×14 The Deductionist – The turtles in this episode are only mentioned, in the form of a place called “Turtle Bay”.

– That would put the second star in Turtle Bay

01×17 Possibility Two – As above, the turtles in this episode are only mentioned in the name “Turtle Bay”.

– With the Turtle Bay Historical Society

01×19 Snow Angels – Sherlock uses Clyde to try to understand how an ambulance in a blocked city could bypass all roadblocks.
02×03 We Are Everyone – Sherlock puts Clyde in Watson’s bed to wake her up. She wakes up and takes him to the terrarium.
02×10 Tremors – In this episode, Sherlock checks which things in their apartment are heavier and which are lighter than Clyde.
02×19 The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville – Twice he is put in Watson’s bed by Sherlock, so she see Clyde when she wake up. In both cases, he is wearing special knitted “clothes”, the first one is shark-like.
03×01 Enough Nemesis to Go Around – Clyde in his terrarium is shown (albeit in the care of Watson).
03×04 Bella – Clyde feeding is shown.
03×05 Rip Off – Clyde is connected to a fancy system as part of one of Sherlock’s “experiments”.

Until Watson returns from Copenhagen, Clyde will either warm to you, or the electrocutions will continue.

03×06 Terra Pericolosa – Clyde is shown at the beginning of the episode.
03×13 Hemlock – Sherlock uses Clyde as a painter.
03×19 One Watson, One Holmes – Clyde is shown, Sherlock explores what music the turtle likes and dislikes.
03×21 Under My Skin – You can see Clyde on the table, eating, when Holmes goes through his stuff.
03×22 The Best Way Out Is Always Through – Sherlock mentions that if the Stanley cup he bought turns out to be a fake, Clyde will have a new pool.

I shall return it to the National Hockey League with all due haste. If not, Clyde has a new wading pool.

03×23 Absconded – You can see his terrarium, but far away in background.
04×03 Tag, You’re Me – Clyde is shown, Sherlock is making him special food.
04×09 Murder Ex Machina – We can see only the box in the refrigerator in which Clyde is hibernating.
04×16 Hounded – Clyde is “accompanying” Sherlock in yoga.
04×19 All In – Clyde is only mentioned in the dialogue.

– I like your turtle. The one downstairs. His bowl said “Clyde.”
– Thanks.

04×20 Art Imitates Art – Sherlock mentions that in the samples he sent to the lab, he also sent samples from his turtle.

– Even threw in a sample from my tortoise just to keep them on their toes.

05×02 Worth Several Cities – He’s fed.
05×06 Ill Tidings – Clyde walks loose on the floor, because there is a snake in his terrarium.
05×07 Bang Bang Shoot Chute – Shown on the table, eating.
05×24 Hurt Me, Hurt You – Among the things Sherlock mentions as the contents of the box, as part of testing his memory, he mentions a tortoiseshell comb, and you can see it too, though not very well.

Yo-yo, toy soldier, amethyst stone, glass eye, flip phone. Tortoise-shell comb.

06×08 Sand Trap – Sherlock mentions Clyde in a conversation about children and responsibility.

– The baby would be my responsibility.
– You said that about Clyde.
– I am not talking about a tortoise here.
– For you, Watson… I’d make adjustments.

06×10 The Adventure of the Ersatz Sobekneferu – Clyde is visible and his fate (when Sherlock and Watson will die) is discussed.

– This tortoise appears to be quite young. Couldn’t be any more than, what, four?
– He’s seven, the best we can tell.
– Either way, he’ll outlive you and Joan by several decades. Have arrangements been made?
– Yes, my former apprentice Kitty is going to take him when the time comes. Her son will inherit him after that, and so forth.

06×11 You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby – In the dialogue, Watson mentions that Sherlock dresses their turtle in knitted clothes.

– English bulldogs. My babies. I know calling them that makes me weird.
– Well, my partner puts wool cozies on our tortoise. You’re not even approaching weird.

06×14 Through the Fog – Clyde has clipped nails.
07×01 The Further Adventures – Clyde can be seen in the terrarium.
07×09 On the Scent – Clyde is referenced in the dialogue in the context of pet owners telling everyone about their little ones.

Pet owners will talk to anybody about their pets. Our mailman knows Clyde’s life story.

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