Title: Atypical
Year: 2017-2021
Actors: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Michael Rapaport, Nik Dodani, Graham Rogers, Amy Okuda, Jenna Boyd, Fivel Stewart
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Viewing method: Whole series.

Why in Database:The main character has a turtle, Edison, he treats him as his best friend. You can see him quite well in many episodes and in some episodes you can only see his terrarium in the background, presumably with him in the middle. The series is finished, four seasons have come out, the first one had 8 episodes, the remaining three have 10 episodes.

Detailed list of turtle elements in individual episodes:
01×01 Antarctica – Edison is shown for the first time, the title character even holds it and he is clearly visible. Plus, of course, he is mentioned on dialogues.

Should we take another picture with Edison? I read online that girls love animals.

I love penguins, but I’m not supposed to talk about it. I’ve never had sex before, and I have a pet turtle named Edison, who’s named after Thomas Edison, but he’s not as smart.

– You’re sensitive, and you’re funny, and the woman who ends up with you will be lucky. You want to marry your best friend.
– Edison?
– No. Not your turtle, Sam.
– You said my best friend. He’s my best friend.

01×02 A Human Female – Only a few scenes that show a terrarium with a turtle in the background.
01×04 A Nice Neutral Smell – In the dialogue, Sam mentions buying Edison and why he chose it.

– Maybe get to know her a little better and then weigh the pros and cons.
– That’s what I did when I went to the pet store to get a turtle. There was one with larger feet, but Edison was younger with a more intricate shell pattern. But I’ll never find a girlfriend as good as Edison.

01×05 That’s My Sweatshirt – You can see Edison and also turtles figurines.
01×06 The D-Train to Bone Town – Figurine turtles are in the background, but not clearly visible. You can also see the terrarium, with Edison in the middle.
01×08 The Silencing Properties of Snow – You can see turtle figurines and a terrarium.
02×01 Juiced! – Edison is only mentioned in the dialogue.

– Lean on your crew, Stu. Me, your dad, your turtle.
– Edison’s got too much going on now. New heat lamp, and my dad’s been away.

02×06 In the Dragon’s Lair – You can see Edison in the terrarium. Also, you can see Sam, sleeping not at home, smelling Edison’s food to feel at home.
02×07 The Smudging – In this episode, the turtle only is in two mentions in dialogues. First Sam writes out in his list of virtues that he is good at feeding turtles. The second mention is when Sam’s sister says that her new best friend has dumped her, Sam asks if it was the one who knows about turtles.

“Dance moves, good at feeding turtle.”

– My new best friend dumped me.
– The one who knows about turtles?

02×08 Living at an Angle – Sam’s artistic portfolio includes a drawing of Edison. Edison himself is also nicely shown in this episode.
02×09 Ritual-licious – Sam wears a turtle T-shirt from The Mountain brand. You can also see Edison. Sam also describes that Edison was not his first turtle, he has previously Tesla, but he died when the birthday ritual for Sam’s sister Casey was not performed.

– No, I said no.
– But I don’t want Edison to die. (dalszy ciąg odbywa się w “narracji bohatera”) Not many people know this, but Edison isn’t my first tortoise. First… there was Tesla. But on Casey’s 12th birthday, she broke her arm and we had to go to the hospital and I never completed our ritual. When we got home, Tesla was dead. My parents said it had nothing to do with the ritual. But that morning Tesla was the picture of health. He was active and alert. His eyes were clear and bright. His stool was solid and black. So explain that. Ever since then, I always complete the ritual.

02×10 Ernest Shackleton’s Rules for Survival – Terrarium only faintly visible in the background.
03×01 Best Laid Plans – Not very clearly, but you can see Edison in the terrarium.
03×02 Standing Sam – You can see nice close-up of Edison in the terrarium.
03×03 Cocaine Pills and Pony Meat – You can see only a fragment of terrarium and Edison.
03×04 Y.G.A.G.G. – Edison is perfectly visible, also, Sam is drawing him.
03×05 Only Tweed – Only a bit of the terrarium is visible, but Zahid, Sam’s friend, is wearing Sam’s turtle T-shirt, the same one Sam wore in 02×09.
03×06 The Essence of a Penguin – You can see Edison quite well in one scene, later his terrarium is also visible in the background.
03×08 Road Rage Paige – Turtles only in dialogue. First in the form of a mention of tiny sea turtles in Hawaii, the second one is more typical, a reference to Edison.

– Love Hawaii.Baby sea turtles, am I right? Honu.That’s what they call ’em.

It’s not like Edison could hop in the car and drive over here.

03×09 Sam Takes a Walk – Only a fragment of the terrarium is barely visible in the background.
04×01 Magical Bird #1 – In the background you can see a picture of a turtle in the frame, the main turtle element is a solid close-up on Edison.
04×04 Starters and Endings – The turtle only appears as a background image of the turtle.
04×05 Dead Dreams – The turtle is only being mentioned, Sam asks Zahid if he will look after Edison during his journey.
04×06 Are You in Fair Health? – Very turtle episode, they appears as the drawing, in the form of a T-shirt worn by the main character (different than in previous seasons), in the form of a figurine on a piece of furniture in the hall in theSam’s family home and in the form of a terrarium with Edison visible in the background.
04×07 Channel the Cat – Terrarium with Edison is faintly visible in the background in one scene.
04×08 Magical Bird #2 – In one scene you can see a turtle figure again, on a table in the hall of Sam’s family house.
04×09 Player’s Ball – In the background of one longer scene you can see a terrarium with a turtle (although there is probably no real turtle inside, just a a figurine…)
04×10 Dessert at Olive Garden – In this episode you can see a turtle “in the background”, at school on some poster. Also Edison is shown quite well.

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