Title: Ai-Mai-Mi
Year: 2013 (first series), 2014 (second series), 2017 (third series)
Director: Itsuki Imazaki
Japan dubbing:Ai Kayano, Aya Uchida, Maaya Uchida, Yuka Ootsubo,
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Country: Japan
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: A three-series (13, 12 and 12 episodes, each for 3 minutes), Anime in which Kappa, the demon turtle, appears in several episodes.

In the first season, Kappa’s are in episodes 01 and 11, hoverer, besides that, in episode 03 you can see on the wall a poster with a turtle, in episode 05 one of the heroines mentions Tortoise and the Hare and in episode 06 a turtle-shaped-spacecraft appears.
In season two, Kappa appears in Episode 02 and 08.
In the third season Kappa appear in episode 10.

Author: XYuriTT

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