Yertle the Turtle

Yertle the Turtle is the protagonist of the book Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories, which we do not have described in the database – yet.

This character is mentioned in one comic book note, we also have a description of the sculpture depicting this character, in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.

The book itself appears in the movie Zodiac, in the series The Simpsons not only appears but is also mentioned in the dialogue, and in the series Friends and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch it is only mentioned in the dialogue.

In the Fargo series, the name of the book is not mentioned, but its plot is basically described.

In our music database, we have two songs with some references to Yertle:
Red Hot Chili PeppersYertle The Turtle
Kevin ChamberlinThe People Versus Horton The Elephant

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