The official mascot of the University of Maryland. It is a Diamondback terrapin and is essentially ubiquitous in the symbolism associated with this college, its campus, sports teams, and so on.

In the Trivia – Symbols – Sport section we have already described this fact, we also have an interesting fact linking the university with Gamera.

In the sculpture section, we have two pieces about Testudo-related sculptures – under the number 001 we have a description of several sculptures of this turtle on campus. A bit below (we do not duplicate the link) we also show 50 different versions-painting that various artists have prepared as part of a project related to the 150th anniversary of the university.

In one of the films featured in the TD, The 5th Quarter the American football team from Maryland appears, adequately named and with the correct symbolism.

In our music database, we have six songs with some references:
Dave East, DJ Holiday, gościnnie D. JonesFeeling a Way
Hail Mary MallonOctoberfest
Jay-ZIzzo (H.O.V.A.)
Lil WayneScottie
Logic feat. CastroBallin
Silas feat. LogicThese Days

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