War Tortoise 2

Title: War Tortoise 2
Year: 2020
Producer: Foursaken Media
Publisher: Foursaken Media
Platforms: Android, iOS
Genre: Action game
Note based on: iOS

Why in Database: The second part, the first we already have in our database. The general assumptions and type of gameplay does not change, but of course there is no shortage of new things: we get more heroes, skills, weapons, enemies, units, species, legendary turtles, turtle pilots (including a turtle). There is an evolution of the turtle, units and heroes, the turtle can walk, there is a mechanic for conquering territories, automatic battle, rockets that deal additional damage to the turtle. After the loss, there was an option to continue from the checkpoint or from the beginning, but with a more powerful turtle.

Source: Ponda, Developed: XYuriTT

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