Turtles from Mario

In the widely understood Mario universe, turtles and turtle-inspired creatures are very popular. Probably the most classic and know are Koopas and their boss/king, Bowser.

Someday, we will certainly present all the richnes of turtles in Mario, at the moment we only present a list of notes where there are some references to them.

There are in ten movies:
Wreck-It Ralph
The Wizard
100 Greatest Toys
Console Wars
Video Games: The Movie
Not for resale
The Bits of Yesterday
Not a game
From Bedrooms to Billions The PlayStation Revolution
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

One comic:
The Argyle Sweater

In our music database, we have four songs with some references to turtles from Mario:
BukaI taki to jest Kot ft. Mati
Ill ZakielLevel Up
Mc SobieskiSuper Mario Bross
2 Dudes and a NESChristmas Without M.A.R.I.O.

And in the note about music videos there is one example with turtle elements from the Mario universe.

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