Turtle Island

Title: Turtle Island
Year: 2013
Director: David Wexler
Actors: Elizabeth Alderfer, Rik Burns, John Carlson, Devin Kelley, Erin Keskeny, Samantha Miller, Tom Pelphrey, Adam Smith Jr., David Wexler
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: USA

Why in Database: Turtle in he title of the film, the name of the island is mentioned many times in the film (the examples below are not all cases of its use), the characters also spend some time on it. Apart from the name, however, there are no other turtle elements in this movie.

Uh, the ranger station on Turtle Island, a small islet… Uh, okay.
Let’s see.
The ranger station — the ranger station on Turtle Island,an enclave…

-Can you tell us a little bit about Turtle Island?
-What can I tell ya? If I tell ya to go, you might think it’s not dangerous enough. But if I tell ya not to go, you’ll go anyway, right?

-I’m gonna put my Big — Bigfoot in that Turtle Island. You know what I’m saying?

-There it is, Turtle Island,
right ahead.

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