The Rubbles

Title: The Rubbles
Year: 2002-2003
English dubbing: Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey Griffin, Tress MacNeille, Jeff Bergman
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Country: USA
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: Another series from the Flintstones universe, quite unique, because it have only six episodes, and each one is very short, max two minutes long.

The turtle element appears in the opening, the turtle shell is used as a rugby ball. In the episodes themselves, only the turtle shell appears as a hat used by Bamm-Bamm. It can be seen in episodes 01 – The Remote, 03 – The Fence, 04 – Bathing Time, 05 – Trouble with Sleeping and E06 – Finale – that is, in all episodes except the second one.

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