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001 – Montgomery
In Montgomery (in the RSA tower) you can see a sculpture by Frank Fleming. It shows a kind of pile/tower consisting of turtles standing on top of each other.

002 – Hoover
In the “Aldridge Gardens” you can see a sculpture called “Along for the Ride”. It shows a turtle pulling a cart on which a hare is sitting – which could be considered a reference to the tortoise and the hare. The author of this work is again Frank Fleming, mentioned in the description above.

001 – Bullhead City
In Bullhead City, Arizona, you can see a huge, two-ton statue of a desert turtle. His name is Poki.

002 – Phoenix
At the Phoenix Zoo, you can find a variety of animals in the form of statues. They are distinguished by the fact that they are made of LEGO bricks. One of them is a hatching sea turtle.

003 – Fountain Hills
In Fountain Hills, Arizona, there is a sculpture of a turtle, George.

004 – Sahuarita
There are two sculptures of turtles standing side by side in Sahuarita, Arizona.

005 – Phoenix
In Papago Park, Phoenix, you can see a turtle sculpture.

006 – Borrego Springs
Borrego Springs, Arizona has a variety of freestanding sculptures, including a turtle.

007 – Scottsdale
There are various carvings at Lizard Scales in Scottsdale, including turtles. Joe Tyler is the author.

001 – Bentonville
There is a turtle sculpture at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, USA. There is also a sculpture of a hare in the area, so together they probably constitute the reference to the story about their race.

002 – Little Rock
At Arkansas Children’s Hospital, there is a sculpture called “Turtle Hunters”. It shows two children, one of them is holding a turtle.

001 – Hartford
In Hartford, Connecticut, there is a monument whose protagonist is Marquis de LaFayette. Around 1907, it was created by Paul Wayland Bartlett. The turtle is extremely small compared to the whole sculpture, it is very easy to miss it. The main part is the title character on a horse, “on the ground” on which the horse is standing, there is also a tiny sculpture of a turtle. But the whole thing rests on a large pedestal, so the turtle is also well above the groundand hard to spot. The turtle itself was added by the artist after the actual sculpture was made, as a form of expression of dissatisfaction that the city was lingering with installation of the work in his final place.

North Dakota
001 – Bottineau
There is a really huge sculpture of a turtle riding a snowmobile in Bottineau.

002 – Dunseith
In Dunseith in 1982 a huge turtle sculpture was created – made of worn car rims. He was called W’eel Turtle.

003 – Groton
In the Granary Rural Cultural Center in Groton, you can see an unusual, heavily openwork turtle sculpture.

004 – Turtle Lake
In the adequately named city, Turtle Lake, you can see a two-ton sculpture of a turtle, created on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the city.

001 – Brevard
At the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida, there is a sculpture showing (only that can be seen) the front half of a turtle.

002 – Miami
There is a sundial at the University of Miami, the entire structure is based on a few turtles between the pedestal and the main structure.

003 – South Palm Beach
In South Palm Beach, there is a turtle sculpture, in front of the town hall.

004 – Orlando
At the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, you can see a Galapagos Tortoise made of Lego blocks, along with a Darwin finch sitting on its back.

005 – Vero Beach
In Vero Beach, you can find four different sculptures of sea turtles, or, more precisely, one sculpture in four color versions.

006 – Cape Canaveral
At Manatee Sanctuary Park in Cape Canaveral, you can see a sculptures of several different species of sea turtles.

007 – Fort Myers
In Centennial Park in Fort Myers, there is a sculpture called “The Great Turtle Chase”, showing a boy “chasing” a turtle.

008 – Tampa
At Tampa International Airport there is a distinctive turtle sculpture made of many small turtles suspended in the air. In addition, you can spot there also a more typical turtle sculpture.

009 – Boynton Beach
In Oceanfront Park in Boynton Beach, you can see this turtle sculpture.

010 – Inverness
Two different turtle sculptures can be seen at Cooter Pond Park in Inverness.

011 – Bay Lake
You can see turtles supporting columns in front of Disney Outfitters at Animal Kingdoms Bay Lake.

012 – Bay Lake
In the above-described Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Bay Lake, one of the attractions is “Tree of Life”, where there is, among others, a carved turtle.

013 – Inverness
In Inverness, there is a sculpture of two turtles sitting on a bench.

014 – Panama City
In Panama City Center for the Arts you can see an interesting sculpture of three sea turtles.

001 – Jekyll Island
In front of Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, you can see an interesting turtle sculpture.

002 – Jekyll Island
In the above-mentioned Georgia Sea Turtle Center you can also see a turtle sculpture made from rubbish.

003 – Tybee Island
On Tybee Island, there is a turtle sculpture next to the welcome sign.

004 – Tybee Island
At the entrance to the Tybee Island Marine Science Center is, of course, a sculpture of a turtle.

005 – Albamy
There are quite a few turtles in Albamy. The first one that we mention is a large turtle-element of the playground, below we discuss the others.

006 – Albany
As part of collecting funds for the park and playground described above, as many as 75 sculptures of turtles, were created and sold to various companies. They painted them and put them back “in the city”, making them a kind of symbol of the city. Below are some examples.

001 – Honolulu
There is a nice turtle sculpture in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki, Honolulu.

002 – Kihei
At Pizza Madness Maui, the walls of the restaurant are decorated with sculptures of animals eating pizza, including a shark and a turtle.

003 – Honolulu
In Honolulu, there is a turtle sculpture at the entrance to Gateway Park.

004 – Punaluu
On Punaluu Beach you can find a relief of a woman with a turtle.

005 – Kailua
At the Kona Brewing Company Pub & Brewery, you can see a mosaic turtle sculpture, made of many pieces of colored glass.

006 – Kailua
In Hawaii you can also find some older works, more specifically, petroglyphs – incl. some in a shapes strongly suggesting turtles.

007 – Waimea
In addition to the above, in Puakō Petroglyph Park you can also see some other, definitely turtle images.

001 – Belvidere
In Belvidere Park, Illinois, you can see an unusual approach to The Tortoise and the Hare – because we have a sculpture of a turtle and a hare, who rides on it, holding the reins.
Source: (PDF)

002 – St. Charles
At Mount Saint Mary Park in St. Charles, you can find a turtle sculpture.

001 – Indianapolis
In Indianapolis, there is a sculpture called “Grasping Turtle”, part of which, as the name suggests, is a turtle.

002 – Fort Wayne
In Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne there is a sculpture of a real historical figure, one of the native Americans leaders named Little Turtle.

003 – Indianapolis
In White River State Park there is a sculpture of three turtles, their shells are made of helmets.

004 – Indianapolis
In Holliday Park you can find a set of turtle sculptures.

001 – Unbandale
At Lakeview Park in Unbandale, there is a sculpture named “Summer Fun”, showing two children and a turtle.

001 – San Francisco
A leatherback turtle sculpture can be found at the San Francisco Zoo, as part of the Sculpture Learning Plaza.

002 – Joshua Tree
There is a big sculpture of a turtle known as Myrtle in Joshua Tree.

003 – San Diego
At the San Diego Zoo, you can see (or even ride) a life-size bronze sculpture of a Galapagos tortoise.

004 – Cabazon
There are a few different sculptures in Cabazon, including a big turtle.

005 – Los Angeles
Also at Vista Hermosa Natural Park in Los Angeles is a big turtle.

006 – Twentynine Palms
There is a turtle sculpture in front of Tortoise Rock Casino.

007 – Laguna Beach
In Bluebird Park, in Laguna Beach there is a turtle known as “Laguna Tortoise”

008 – Palm Desert
At the Civic Center Park in Palm Desert, a turtle sculpture is featured, although the main feature is a mother and child sculpture.

009 – Anaheim
At Disneyland in Anaheim, as part of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, you can see a sculpture of a turtle sleeping on his back.

010 – Redding
You can find turtle sculptures in Turtle Bay in Redding.

011 – Redding
There are also such turtle sculptures in Turtle Bay in Redding, California.

012 – San Francisko
In San Francisco, at Golden Gate Park, there is a turtle-based sundial.

013 – Cupertino
There is a sculpture of a turtle at De Anza College in Cupertino.

014 – San Francisko
In San Francisco, at the Golden Gate Bridge, there is a turtle sculpture immersed in the water to a large extent. An interesting fact is that real turtles willingly and regularly bask on it!

015 – California City
There is a turtle sculpture next to one of the greeting signs in California City.

016 – San Francisko
In Mascone Park you can find a leatherback turtle sculpture.

017 – Cupertino
In Cupertino you can find an interesting sculpture of five dancing figures, including a turtle.

018 – San Francisco
At Rincon Park in San Francisco, tiny turtles (and other marine elements) were installed on a variety of flat surfaces where skateboarders liked to do tricks – irregularly placed mini-sculptures are meant to prevent this.

019 – San Francisco
There is a turtle sculpture at the Golden Gate Children’s Park.

South Carolina
001 – Mount Pleasant
At Memorial Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant, you can see a turtle sculpture.

002 – Murrells Inlet
In Brookgreen Gardens you can find an interesting set of three sculptures of turtles, one with a girl on her back, one with luggage and one without accessories.

003 – Myrtle Beach
At the Alligator Adventure Zoo in Myrtle Beach, there is an interesting sculpture of a turtle, with three characters playing on it.

004 – Ridgeland
There is a turtle sculpture at Gopher Tortoise Square in Ridgeland.

005 – Isle of palms
On the Isle of palms, there is a statue of several sea turtles.

North Carolina
001 – Pine Knoll Shores/Roanoke Island
Two North Carolina Aquariums sites host two different sculptures of sea turtles, one at Pine Knoll Shores and one at Roanoke Island.

002 – Chapel Hill
Several turtle sculptures can be found outside the Chapel Hill Public Library.

003 – Wilmington
In front of the UNCW Cultural Arts Center in Wilmington, you could see a turtle sculpture that is the work of one of the students of the university.

004 – Durham
You can find a turtle sculpture in Durham Central Park.

001 – Covington
In Covington there is a sculpture of a true historical figure, one of the Native Americans leaders, who was called Little Turtle.

001 – Evergreen
There is a turtle sculpture in the Center For The Arts Evergreen.

002 – Loveland
There is a sculpture of two sea turtles in Loveland.

003 – Loveland
In Benson Park Sculpture Garden there is a sculpture of a boy with a telescope, sitting on a turtle. There is also a hare, so this could be considered a reference to the Tortoise and the Hare.

004 – Longmont
The Longmont Museum and Cultural Center has a sculpture known as the Lefthand’s Compass. Several turtles can be seen at its base.

005 – Loveland
There is a Galapagos tortoise sculpture in Benson Park Sculpture Garden.

006 – Timnath
At Swetsville Zoo in Timnath, there are statues of turtles, one bigger and two smaller ones.

007 – Denver
There is a turtle sculpture in the Denver Art Museum, described as the only exhibit in the museum that can be touched!

001 – Garyville
In Garyville there is a huge snapping turtle, created as part of the tradition of lighting fires for the holidays – which means that it has probably already been burned and you can see what it looked like only on photos.

002 – Nowy Orlean
In the Sculpture Garden, part of the New Orleans Art Museum, there is a sculpture of a turtle. It was made in 1916 by Paul Manship.

003 – Black Bayou
Przy jeziorze Black Bayou znaleźć można statuę żółwia jaszczurowatego.

001 – Gray
At Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, there is a wooden sculpture of a turtle.


001 – College Park
On the territory of the University of Maryland at College Park, which is very much a turtle in its symbolism, there are several such turtle sculptures – bringing good luck in a variety of circumstances.

002 – Gaithersburg
In front of the entrance/on the path to the Gaithersburg Amphitheater, there is a sculpture of the turtle-musical-conductor.

003 – College Park i inne.
As part of the Fear The Turtle campaign, for the 150th anniversary of the university, 50 casts of the turtle, the symbol of the university, were prepared. Then each one was decorated in a unique way by various artists and placed in the broadly understood “neighborhood”.

001 – Springfield
Springfield has an entire garden of sculptures dedicated to Dr. Seuss. One of them shows Yertle the turtle, and a whole, three-meter pile of turtles, it refers to the book “Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories”.

002 – Boston
In Boston, you can find a sculpture referring to The Tortoise and the Hare.

003 – Boston
There is a sculpture of a turtle in the New England Aquarium.

004 – Boston
In Boston there is a sculpture of a turtle known as Myrtle. At one point, she was moved into the shade so that it would not get too hot, because some say it scalded children.

005 – Boston
In a park in Boston, you can find interesting sculptures of cooperating turtles.
Source: Źródło

001 – Grand Rapids
There is a turtle sculpture in Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

002 – Wyspa Mackinac
On Mackinac Island, there is an interesting sculpture of many turtles stacked on top of each other.

003 – Kalamazoo
In Arcadia Creek Festival Place you can see a sculpture of a turtle.

004 – Mackinac
There is a mosaic turtle in front of the Wings of Mackinac Butterfly House. The word Mackinac itself comes from the Native American word “Michillimackinac” meaning the Great Turtle or the Great Turtle Lands, hence there are many turtle accents on the island.

005 – Lansing
In Lansing there is a carving of a large number of turtles standing on top of each other. The sculpture is very similar but not identical to that in Alabama.

006 – Mackinac
The Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum has a sculpture of a man standing on a turtle. This work is called “Be Still”.

007 – Okemos
There is a turtle sculpture in the Harris Nature Center.

001 – Saint Paul
Como Park Zoo and Marjorie McNeely Conservatory features a sculpture of Toby Tortoise, a turtle that has lived in the zoo for years. The creator of the work is Tischler.

002 – Saint Paul
In Saint Paul there is a sculpture of a boy sitting/riding a turtle. The author is Nick Legeros, this work was created as part of the series “Dreams of our Children”.

003 – Itasca
In Itasca State Park there is a sculpture created by Jeff Savage in 2005, entitled “Caretaker Woman”. An important element is the whole group of turtles which are the main element, next to the title woman.

004 – Minneapolis-Saint Paul
As part of the Adopt-a-River program, a number of sculptures were created in the Twin Cities, including one turtle.

005 – Jeffers Petroglyphs
At Jeffers Petroglyphs, where, as the name suggests, you can find petroglyphs with turtle-like shapes.

001 – Carthage
In one of the Congregation of the Mother of the Redeemer, you can see a sculpture of which a turtle is an important element.

002 – St. Louis
In St. Louis there is “Turtle Park”, also known as “Turtle Playground”. There are seven different sizes of turtle sculptures (and a sculpture of a group of turtle eggs!), All available for visitors “to play”.

003 – St. Louis
At the Saint Louis Zoo, you can find two interesting snapping turtle sculptures, both of which are shown below.

004 – St. Louis
On the facade of the J. Arthur Anderson Laundry Building in St. Louis, there are four reliefs of turtles.

005 – St. Louis
At Rootwad Park in St. Louis is a large sculpture of a turtle, face to mouth with a snake.

006 – St. Louis
In addition to the large ones described above, the Turtle Playground also has a tiny turtle.

007 – Kansas City
In Powell Gardens in Kansas City (not to be confused with the identically named city in Kansas) is a Kappa sculpture!

001 – Bozeman
Such a turtle was visible in Bozeman as part of the Gallatin Art Crossing exhibition.

001 – Omaha
There is a whole set of sea turtle sculptures at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

001 – Las Vegas
There is a turtle sculpture at the Red Rock Visitor Center in Las Vegas.

002 – Las Vegas
There are quite a few sculptures at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, including a turtle.

003 – Fernley
There is such a huge turtle in Fernley, Nevada.

New Jersey
001 – Newstead North
There is a sculpture of a sea turtle at the Turtle Back Zoo.

New York
001 – New York
There are seven mosaic paintings on the New York City subway. One of them, created by Deborah Brown, is called “Platform Diving”, and shows sea turtles diving on a flooded platform.

002 – New York
The “Rainey Memorial Gates” is the historic entrance gate to the New York Zoo (at the Bronx). The whole gate is richly decorated, it consists of two “passages”, there are three turtle elements on the sides of these entrances (ie in the turtle-entrance-turtle-entrance-turtle system).

003 – Rockland
There are two large lanterns in front of the Rockland County Circuit Court. Their structures are based on small turtles which are an element connecting the actual structure with the pedestal.

004 – Lewiston
Tuscarora Heroes Monument is a monument located in Lewiston. The most obvious part of the Tuscaroran monument consists of three dynamic figures. What is interesting in the context of TurtleDex is the “base” – a piece of land covered with these figures and the board is arranged in a turtle shape – best visible, of course, “from above”. This turtle is in no way elevated above the surrounding lawn, on the contrary, it is a kind of “pavement”, an area for walking and admiring the monument.

005 – New York
In the Civic Center – Foley Square in New York, you can find some kind of reliefs – on one you can see, among others, turtle.

006 – New York
There are quite a few sculptures of seals in East River Park in New York, but you can also see – small in comparison – sculptures of turtles.

007 – Ithaca
There is a playground in Ithaca, part of which is a huge turtle.

008 – Blue Point
At Blue Point Nature Preserve. there is a sculpture of a turtle, a memento in honor of William James Schultz.

009 – New York
In Van Cortlandt Park there is a sculpture of the Tortoise and the hare.

010 – New York
In the John Purroy Mitchel Memorial in the New York Public Library, the turtles at the base are an important element.

011 – New York
There are two lanterns in front of the Brooklyn Trust Company Building, both of them leaning on four turtles.

012 – New York
In Nelson A. Rockefeller Park in New York, there is this sculpture of a turtle in a cylinder.

001 – Cincinnati
In the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, there is a large bronze sculpture of a turtle.

002 – Cleveland
The Cleveland Zoo is home to the Galapagos Tortoise sculpture.

001 – Tulsa
At the Tulsa Zoo, you can see a sculpture of a leatherback turtle, Edward. It was made of rubbish, as part of The Washed Ashore campaign.

002 – Oklahoma
There is a statue of a Galapagos turtle in the Oklahoma Zoo.

001 – Portland
The Portland Zoo has a sculpture depicting four turtles standing on top of each other. The author is Peter Helzer.

002 – Eugene
In Eugene you can find another work of the same artist who created the above, also it is a group of turtles, this time three, sitting next to each other and playing music.

003 – Grants Pass
The Grants Pass includes Prehistoric Gardens, where you can find, among others the sculpture of the turtle, Archelon.

004 – Eugene
At the University of Oregon: Spencer View Family Housing, there is a sculpture known as The Three Graces, showing turtle-musician.

005 – Portland
There are several turtle sculptures at Harper’s Playground in Portland.

006 – Bandon
In Bandon, you can see a wooden sculpture, depicting a woman with a turtle.

007 – Bandon
In Bandon, as part of the Washed Ashore project, a turtle sculpture was created from garbage.

008 – Newport
Before entering the Oregon Coast Aquarium, you can see this cool five turtles made of wood.

001 – Philadelphia
In Philadelphia you can find unusual sculptures, because we are talking about five turtles that are the basis for the lamps.

002 – Philadelphia
In Philadelphia there is a sculpture of Chief Tamanend on a turtle, which in Indian tradition symbolizes the earth.

003 – Philadelphia
In Filter Square, Philadelphia, there is a sculpture of three turtles, labeled “Family of turtles”.

004 – Philadelphia
There is a sculpture of a turtle and a goose in Johnson Park in Philadelphia.

005 – Stonerville
There is a turtle sculpture at the Kentuck Knob Sculpture Meadow in Stonerville.

001 – Rockfort
The Rockport Art Center in Rockfort includes, among others, turtle sculpture.

002 – Corpus Christi
There is a sculpture of two sea turtles at the Texas State Aquarium.

003 – Orange
There is a snapping turtle sculpture at the Texas Travel Information Center.

004 – Austin
There is a playground park in Guerrero Colorado River Park, with lots of turtle motifs.

005 – Austin
At the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Family Garden there is a sculpture of a turtle.

006 – Tyler
On the grounds of UT Tyler, on the Harvey Lake campus, there is a sculpture of a turtle.

001 – Virginia Beach
On the Virginia Beach beach is a large bronze statue of King Neptune. It was made by Paul DiPasquale, the turtle element is a sea turtle which Neptune holds in his left hand.

002 – Charlottesville
The Cville Cafe in Charlottesville has a large wooden turtle sculpture.

Virginia Zachodnia
001 – North River
In the vicinity of the North River there is a stone which, due to the fact that it resembles a turtle, is called The Rio Turtle or Turtle Rock. It is sometimes decorated, painted or even vandalized by visitors.

002 – Wheeling
Heritage Port Park & Sculpture Garden in Wheeling features, among others, turtle sculpture.

001 – New Lisbon
There is a Dirty Turtle restaurant in New Lisbon – there is no lack of turtle symbolism there, including a turtle sculpture at the entrance.

002 – Beloit
In Beloit during Artwalk 2005, there were some turtle sculptures to see.

003 – Madison
There is a turtle sculpture at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison.

004 – Monroe
In Monroe, Wisconsin, you can find a wooden turtle sculpture.

001 – Cody
At the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, there is a statue-sculpture of an Indian chief, Little Turtle.

District of Columbia
001 – Washington
River Terrace Elementary School has a turtle installation, a sculpture of a turtle and drums.

002 – Washington
There are two sculptures of turtles, supporting columns, in front of the entrance to the Reptile House at Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

003 – Washington
In Washington National Cathedral, one of the gargoyles has definitely a turtle-like shell.

004 – Washington
During the Shoreline Arts Festival, a turtle was seen drinking water from the platform, later it was transferred to Ronald Bog Park.
Sources: Źródło, Źródło

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