Road to Morocco

Title: Road to Morocco
Year: 1942
Director: David Butler
Actors: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Anthony Quinn, Dona Drake, Vladimir Sokoloff, Mikhail Rasumny, George Givot
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Musical, Romance
Country: USA

Why in Database: Turtles are only mentioned in the dialogue in the restaurant, the two main characters demand more turtle eggs in jelly and the turtle that laid them. When they are pointed out that they have already eaten six servings, one of them replies that they are obsessed with turtle eggs.

– Bring us a couple more portions of jellied turtle eggs.
– And the turtle that laid them.
– Bring her in.
– And spread a lot of pixie dust, double layer.
– You have already eaten six portions.
– Can we help it if we’re turtle-egg fiends?

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