Indian Ocean

Title: Indian Ocean
Year: 2012
Narration: Simon Reeve
Genre: Documentary
Country: UK
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: A six-episode series introducing the title Indian Ocean. The biggest part with turtles is in the second episode (Madagascar to Seychelles), this episode discusses the island and park created by Brendon Grimshaw (we have a note about the documentary movie, A grain of sand which tells about it). In the third episode (Kenya and the Horn of Africa) turtles participation is debatable, among the things that local residents create from found flip-flops there is something that can be considered a turtle. In the fifth episode (Sri Lanka is Bangladesh) a real turtle appears, but he is dead, buried in the sand. Besides that, one of the characters has a turtle print on the front and the back of his t-shirt. In the last, sixth episode (Indonesia to Australia) only one scene features a sea turtle, swimming towards the characters.

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