Bobby Deerfield

Title: Bobby Deerfield
Year: 1977
Director: Sydney Pollack
Actors: Al Pacino, Marthe Keller, Anny Duperey, Walter McGinn, Van Doude, Gérard Hernandez, Stephan Meldegg, Norm Nielsen, Romolo Valli, Jaime Sánchez
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA

Why in Database: In one of the dialogues between the main male character and the female main character, the former is compared to a turtle, the fastest turtle in the world (because the hero is a racing driver), but still a turtle.

– You like to pick at me, don’t you?
– I find you curious.
– Curious?
– You are such a turtle.
– Turtle? Well, nobody’s ever called me that before. A turtle.
– You’re the world’s fastest turtle, but just the same… You are a turtle.
– A turtle.

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