Title: Australia
Year: 2008
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Actors: Hugh Jackman, Robert Jago, John Jarratt, Eugene Kang, Nicole Kidman, Jacek Koman, Shea Adams, Eddie Baroo, Ray Barrett, Tony Barry
Genre: Adventure, Drama, War, Romance
Country: UK, Australia, USA

Why in Database: Turtles appears here only in two dialogues. In first, main hero says (to the children) that they must be silent as turtles. Later, someone says that the main character carried some of the children on his back, like a turtle.

– All right. Boys, we’re gonna have to swim. We have to be quiet, like a turtle. Okay?

-Some of them little fellas from the desert can’t swim’em. But the Drover take ’em on his back like a turtle.

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