Against the Current

Title: Against the Current
Year: 2009
Director: Peter Callahan
Actors: Joseph Fiennes, Samantha Sherman, Pell James, Justin Kirk, Elizabeth Reaser, Amy Hargreaves, Martin Shakar, Avery Glymph, Chad Brigockas, Tom O’Rourke
Genre: Drama
Country: USA

Why in Database: Turtles appear only in dialogues. The boatman who talks to the heroes, twice refers to them, the first time saying that the boat he proposes to them is not able to overtake the turtle. Moments later, he mentions turtles again, and one of the buyers asks him why he keeps mentioning them.

– Well, l got an old whaler with an old 70-horsepower engine. Couldn’t outrun a turtle.

– Well, this boat couldn’t pull a turtle, much less a skier.
– What’s with the turtles?

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