The Wyrdest Link

Tytuł: The Wyrdest Link
Autor(zy): David Langford
Rok wydania: 2002
Wydawnictwo: Victor Gollancz

Dlaczego w bazie: Pozycja związana z serią o Świecie Dysku, kontynuacja opisanych już w bazie Testów Niewidocznego Uniwersytetu.

Żółwie wzmianki znaleźliśmy w sześciu pytaniach, przytaczamy je poniżej, w układzie „Nazwa działu”, „pytanie” i „odpowiedź” – w samej książce odpowiedzi są w innej części książki niż pytania, nie sąsiadują.

Guild of Apothecaries
9. Chelonium, elephantigen and narrativium – believed by wizards to be necessary for what?
9. The building of proper worlds, like Discworld, seemed quite impossible without these necessary elements. (The Science of Discworld)

Guild of Engravers II
5. 13 Midden Lane, Pseudopolis, Sto Plains, The Discworld, On top of Great A’tuin, The Univers, Space. nr. More Space.
5. Eric – young Eric’s address, supposedly scrawled on the half-title page of a book originally called Faust.

Priests’, Sacerdotes’ and Occult Intermediaries’ Guild
2. Of which incarnated god was it frequently said, generally by his own supposed worshippers, ‘There’s good eating on one of those’?
2. Om of Omnia, while inadvertently manifesting as a tortoise through most of Small Gods.

Guild of Gamblers
6. ‘There was only one way to get to the Citadel now.’
6. Om’s plan, while still incarnated as a tortoise, to be carried by an eagle to the climactic scene of Small Gods.

Guild of Lawyers
6. To what does Ponder Stibbons’s Rule Three – ‘You get balls’ – apply?
6. Roundworld Project astrophysics in The Science of Discworld. There, large quantities of matter somehow collect into balls rather than more natural shapes like turtles. It is a mystery

Unseen University – The Last Order, or The Other Order
12. What is or was Psephophorus terrypratchetti?
12. A turtle. To be precise: a species of leatherback turtle, forty million years extinct, whose bones were found in New Zealand in 1995. Its discoverer Richard Köhler named it after a favourite author called, um, wossname, hang on there, it’s on the tip of my tongue …

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