Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade

Tytuł: Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade
Autor(zy): Delilah S. Dawson
Rok wydania: 2023
Wydawnictwo: Random House Worlds

Dlaczego w bazie: Żółwie pojawiają się w tej książce w formie jednoznacznej wzmianki o agresywnych podziemnych żółwiach, zaraz też jest opis bardzo żółwio wyglądających zwierząt o nazwie Thraxsos, możliwe, że w obu przypadkach chodzi o te same zwierzęta.

She reached out in the Force, feeling the rippling dance of the grass, the steady waving of the trees, the green shoots at the tips of each vine, the possibility in the rich, black soil. She could feel tiny bugs, busy worms, burrowing mammals, and some very aggressive underground turtles.

Before Tualon could answer, Iskat darted forward, swinging her lightsabers as a giant shape galloped out of the grass—and right through the shield. Her upswing caught it in the wide, scaly neck, and it tumbled sideways, muscular legs churning. It was reptilian, rippling with violet and green stripes that looked like dappled shadow and a wide, stout body as tall as her shoulders with a sort of frilled shell on its back. Its long tail thrashed, and its four stubby legs flailed as it tried to stand even as thick, violet blood gushed from its wound.

“Thraxsos,” the Anzellan muttered. “Useless things. The giant birds that preyed upon them died out, and now they just gallop around, eating everything in sight, including each other.

Źródło: Slavek_8, Opracował: XYuriTT

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