Vanilla Ice Archive

Title: Vanilla Ice Archive
Year: 2012
Director: Bjarni Gautur
Cast: Vanilla Ice, Tommy Quon, Earthquake, John Henry Huffman IV, Monte Lipman, Dope Shay, Ross Robinson, M.C. Hammer, Seven Antonopoulos, Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, Chuck D, Ron Jeremy, Todd Bridges, Marshall Mathers, Jon Stewart
Genre: Documentary, Music
Country: Islandia

Why in Database: Turtle motifs appear several times in the film. The first time in form of talking and showing Vanilla Ice’s participation in the second film with Ninja turtles . Later, there is also a turtle tattoo shown by vanillat, as well as the motif of turtles appearing with him on stage, years after the premiere of the film, when he wanted to monetize the people’s sentiment towards ninja-rap.

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