Turtles Forever

Title: Turtles Forever
Year: 2009
Director: Roy Burdine, Lloyd Goldfine
English dubbing: Michael Sinterniklaas, Wayne Grayson, Sam Riegel, Gregory Abbey, Darren Dunstan, Marc Thompson, Veronica Taylor, Scott Rayow, Greg Carey, Nell Balaban, Dan Green, Johnny Castro, Tony Salerno, Sebastian Arcelus, David Wills, Rebecca Soler, Load Williams
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, SF, Thriller
Country: USA

Why in Database: Movie with the Ninja Turtles – but not just a typical four, but three sets of them! As part of the action, turtles from 1987 series meet their incarnation from the and 2003 series and we see these two groups throughout most of the film. In the final part, the first incarnation of turtles, from the Mirage comics, joins. In the form of single shots in the “turtle multiverse review” scene, you can also see other versions of turtles.

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