Turtle Tunes & We Wish You a Turtle Christmas

Title: Turtle Tunes & We Wish You a Turtle Christmas
Year: 1994
Director: Larry Osborne
English dubbing: Eric Anzalone, Alfredo Miller, Florence Reymond, Ronn K. Smith, Jack William Scott, Natasha Cresap, Alicia Manta, Anthony Manganiello, Yaniv Segal, Matt Baker, Ethan Lipkin
Genre: Comedy, Music
Country: USA

Why in Database: Unusually, one entry about two shorter films, but they share the actors, Director, release date and even the opening credits, so we make an exception. In Turtle Tunes the turtles sing different songs and have fun, in “We Wish You a Turtle Christmas” basically the same, but only carols are sung. Both “movies” are obviously full of Ninja Turtles , from the very beginning (where they are seen in the intro as ordinary turtles yet) to the very end we have here positions full of turtle .

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