Tooter Turtle

Title: Tooter Turtle
Year: 1960
English dubbing: Allen Swift, Sandy Becker
Genre: Animation
Country: USA
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: Tooter Turtle is the protagonist of this series, which was part of “King Leonardo and His Short Subjects”. There is 39 short episodes, about five minutes long (including about a minute for the beginning and the end). All the episodes use the same scheme, Tooter the turtle had a new “idea for himself” and asks the master wizard to enable him to test his chosen “profession” – a gold prospector, a taxi driver, a soldier, a cowboy, and many, many others . However, it soon turns out that not everything functions as Tooter would like and quickly, in circumstances such as “he is about to die”, he asks the wizard to make him back to normal form. We have also a note about comics with this character in our database.

Author: XYuriTT

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