The Theory of Everything

Title: The Theory of Everything
Year: 2014
Director: James Marsh
Actors: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Tom Prior, Sophie Perry, Finlay Wright-Stephens, Harry Lloyd, Alice Orr-Ewing, David Thewlis, Thomas Morrison, Michael Marcus, Gruffudd Glyn, Paul Longley, Emily Watson, Guy Oliver-Watts, Simon McBurney
Genre: Biographical, Drama, Romance
Country: UK, Japan, USA

Why in Database: In one of the scenes, Stephen Hawking, no longer able to speak by himself, uses specialist writing equipment and synthesizers to consider what the nature of time is and whether it will ever end. He adds that one day the answers to these questions may be as obvious to us as this that the earth revolves around the sun, or perhaps as absurd as a tower of tortoises.

What is the nature of time? Will it ever come to an end? Someday, these answers may seem as obvious to us as the Earth orbiting the sun, or perhaps as ridiculous as a tower of tortoises.

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