The Skeleton Twins

Title: The Skeleton Twins
Year: 2014
Director: Craig Johnson
Actors: Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell, Boyd Holbrook, Joanna Gleason, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Adriane Lenox, Sydney Lucas, Eddie Schweighardt, Paul Castro Jr., Benjamin McGowan, Jennifer Smith
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA

Why in Database: Turtles appear twice in dialogues, in the context of diving: ” This was before Maggie was on the scene, PM, pre-Maggie, and the first time we go out on a dive, we saw an effing sea turtle, which is very rare. – Incredibly rare. – I think it’s pretty normal… right? Seeing sea turtles? – What? – When you’re diving, seeing sea turtles? – I think that’s very… – No, I think you’re thinking of just, like, regular turtles that you’d see in a pond or a stream. – I’m talking about a sea turtle in the wild. We were swimming so close to it that you could practically touch it.”, “My mate Mike has been there since ’05 taking small groups diving, and I’m telling you… – Pretty? – It’s stunning. Sea turtles, manta rays, blue sharks. That sounds incredible. Except for the sharks, I guess.”

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