The Guatemalan Handshake

Title: The Guatemalan Handshake
Year: 2006
Director: Todd Rohal
Actors: Katy Haywood, Ken Byrnes, Will Oldham, Sheila Scullin, Rich Schreiber, Kathleen Kennedy, Cory McAbee, Ivan Dimitrov, Andy Nadler, Jim Ligons, VaLonda Harris, Sam Myers, Andy Sheffer
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA

Why in Database: WIn several scenes of this film appears a turtle, belonging to one of the main characters. There is also a song about him. Unfortunately, he probably ends badly, not only does he suffer from some kind of shell disease, but one of the protagonists throws him into a far distance, you can guess (because we do not know his fate for sure) that rather deadly.

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