Tales of the Night

Title: Tales of the Night
Original title: Les contes de la nuit
Year: 2011
Director: Michel Ocelot
French dubbing: Julien Béramis, Marine Griset, Yves Barsacq, Olivier Claverie, Michel Elias, Isabelle Guiard, Olivia Brunaux, Louise Rossignon, Christophe Rossignon, Michel Ocelot, Firmine Richard, Serge Feuillard, Legrand Bemba-Débert
Genre: Animation, Fantasy
Country: France

Why in Database: This animation consists of six separate stories that are bind togetherby three cartoonists/creators, who could be called the main characters. In one of the stories, “Tijean and Belle-Sans-Connaitre “, there is a turtle motif – the turtle sketch is visible before the story begins, then there are turtles in the form of a symbol when the hero is commissioned to find them. Finalle, real turtles themselves shows up, when the protagonist finds them.

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