Title: S.W.A.T.
Year: 2017-ongoing
Actors: Shemar Moore, Alex Russell, Lina Esco, Kenny Johnson, Jay Harrington, David Lim
David Lim, Patrick St. Esprit, Stephanie Sigman, Lou Ferrigno Jr., Peter Onorati, Amy Farrington, Deshae Frost, Bre Blair, Obba Babatundé, Otis Gallop, Rochelle Aytes, Laura James, Michael Beach
Genre: Action, Adventure, Criminal, Thriller, Drama
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: We found turtle elements in two episodes of this series. In the second episode of the first season (Cuchillo) the character of a criminal arrested for smuggling turtles appears, it is mentioned that he tried to smuggle turtles, attached with duct tape to his legs, therefore he is referred to by the heroes as “Reptile man” and “Turtle man”. When he is arrested, he is in a warehouse with various terrariums. He tells the people who are arresting him that the snake should be fed with two medium-sized rats and that the turtle has a very specific diet and he will write it down for them.

The second appearance is in Season 2, Episode 19 (Invisible), it is a figurine of turtles, standing in the backyard.

– Arrested LAX three days ago on a flight from Thailand smuggling exotic turtles strapped to his legs.

– Hondo, you got the One-Niner and Reptile Man.

– We talked to the manager; he’s gonna text me if Turtle Man shows up.

– He gets two medium rats, and the turtles need a very specific diet. I’ll-I’ll write it down for you.

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