Rocko’s Modern Life

Title: Rocko’s Modern Life
Year: 1993-1996
Director: Joe Murray, Stephen Hillenburg, Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh, Timothy Björklund, Mr. Lawrence i inni
English dubbing: Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Mr. Lawrence, Linda Wallem
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Country: USA
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: This series, although animated, is directed not necessarily to the youngest, and as such… it can be strange. To put it simply, he talks about three friends, Title Rocko (his dog is also a regular guest), his friend Heffer Wolfe and the Turtle Filburt, who appears rather as a guest in the first season, and in the next three he has an increasing share, until he is permanent cast member.

Apart from Filburt, other turtles appear in several episodes, and these episodes are marked accordingly in the list.

Filburt was voiced by Mr. Lawrencei.

Below is a list of episodes in which Filburt appeared – most episodes of the series contained two stories, in the list they are marked as “a” (first) and “b” (second story). If there is no letter, it means that the episode had only one story, filling the entire episode.

Season 1:
4b – “Skid Marks”
5a – “Power Trip”
7b – “Popcorn Pandemonium”
8b – “Canned”
10b – “Rinse & Spit”
11a – “Rocko’s Happy Sack”

Season 2:
1 – “I Have No Son!”
3a – “The Lounge Singer”
3b – “She’s the Toad”
4a – “Down the Hatch”
5a – “Boob Tubed”
6 – “Rocko’s Modern Christmas!”
7a – “Hut Sut Raw”
7b – “Kiss Me I’m Foreign” (some other turtles can be seen as well)
9a – “Born to Spawn” (a very turtle story, about an island where turtles have to go at some point – a huge number of them is visible there)
9b – “Uniform Behavior”
10a – “Hair Licked”
10b – “Gutter Balls”
13b – “Eyes-Capades”

Season 3:
1a – “Bye, Bye Birdie”
1b – “Belch of Destiny”
2a – “The Emperor’s New Joe”
2b – “Schnit-heads”
3a – “Sugar Frosted Frights” (Filburt’s Aunt appears)
4a – “Fish-N-Chumps”
5a – “Nothing to Sneeze At”
5b – “Old Fogey Froggy”
6a – “Manic Mechanic”
8a – “Fortune Cookie”
8b – “Dear John”
9a – “Speaking Terms”
9b – “Tooth and Nail”
10 – “Wacky Delly”
11a – “The Big Question”
11b – “The Big Answer” (Filburt’s family appears)
13a – “Zanzibar”
13b – “Fatal Contraption”

Season 4:
1a – “With Friends Like These”
1b – “Sailing the Seven Zzz’s”
2a – “Pranksters”
2b – “From Here to Maternity” (Filburt’s descendants are born)
3a – “Ed Good, Rocko Bad”
4a – “Wimp on the Barby”
4b – “Yarnbenders”
5a- ” Mama’s Boy”
5b – “Feisty Geist”
7a – “Closet Clown” (Filburt’s descendants appears)
7b – “Seat to Stardom”
8a – “The High Five of Doom” (there is a mass of other turtles in this episode)
8b – “Fly Burgers”
9a – “Heff in a Handbasket”
10a – “Dumbells”
10b – “Rug Birds”
11a – “Hypno-Puppy Luv”
12a – “Put to Pasture”
12b – “Future Schlock” (Filburt’s descendants appears)
13a – “Turkey Time”
13b – “Floundering Fathers” (Filburt’s ancestors are shown, as turtles who were to be the founders of the city in which the action takes place)

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