Robot Chicken

Title: Robot Chicken
Year: 2005-ongoing
English dubbing: Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Breckin Meyer, Tom Root
Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy, SF
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: Robot Chicken is an unusual “series”, each ~ 11-minute episode consists of a varied number of segments, some are 2-second gags, others are as long as 3 minutes or more. There is maaaaaaany turtle elements. Most of them is related to Ninja Turtles, but there are also references to Mario, Gamera or to turtles in general. Below is a detailed list:

S01E03 – Gold Dust Gasoline – One segment shows a race with Mario and Luigi. They mention the use of “blue turtle shell”, they explain it as the ultimate weapon in Mario Kart. When activated, he magically finds leading car and disposes of it.

– Mario, we’re losing.
– It’s time to use the blue tortoise shell, no?
– Do it, you magnificent stereotypical bastard.

– The blue tortoise shell is Mario kart race’s ultimate weapon. It magically finds the lead car in the race, and takes it out. Wha-ha-ha-ha!

S01E06 – Vegetable Fun Fest – A segment with a turtle and a snail riding on it appears.
S01E09 – S&M Present – A segment appears with all four Ninja Turtles that train/fight with one of the characters – which must recognize by voice which one to eliminate.

– Only one of these turtles is played by Corey Feldman. Trust your instincts. Corey Feldman.
– Pizza is radical!
– Master Splinter is way cool!
– Turtle power, dude!

– Only one of these turtles is played by Forcory – for Fory Clel …- Clory Flu … Cloris Leachman.

S02E03 – Easter Basket – A turtle used as a bidet appears in the Flintstones segment. First, he mentions what (and implicitly, terrible) things he has witnessed, and when one of the characters goes into a murderous frenzy, he asks “the lord” not to stop that person before he kills him and, implicitly, ends his suffering.

Oh, man, the things I’ve witnessed …

Oh lord, please don’t stop him before he kills me.

S02E05 – Dragon Nuts – A segment with characters from The NeverEnding Story, including Morla.
S02E08 – Rodigitti – There’s an entire segment dedicated to TMNT who have become “old” instead of “teenage”. There is also an adequately reworked song from the cartoon, with pieces such as ‘heroes on wheelchairs’ or ‘Heroes in diapers’.

Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heroes in a Wheelchair! (…)
Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heroes wearing diapers! (…)
Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heroes touching Nurses! (…)
Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles. Dealing with life’s changes!

S02E12 – The Munnery – One segment features kids who turn into huge animals, one of them, Jimmy, turns into a giant turtle.
S02E18 – Lust for Puppets – In the Mario and Luigi segment, the latter sees a turtle (being taken by a girl for a walk) and starts jumping over it, killing it.

– Look, it’s a turtle.
– What are you doing ?! You just killed my turtle!
– Oh, my God! I’m so sorry! ?

S03E05 – Shoe – In one of the segments there is a typical western duel of the Tortoise and the Hare, which can be considered obvious reference. The Hare is of course faster and shoots first, hitting the turtle many times, but on his shell it does not make any impression. He slowly draws his weapon and defeats the opponent.
S03E10 – Moesha Poppins – Venus appears in one of the segments, the character of the turtle that joined the turtles in the series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. She is described as the fifth member of the team with a very special accessory – the vagina. It is also explained that after she dropped out of the crew, she tried to take her own life in a way appropriate for discarded turtles – by flushing down the toilet.

– The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles briefly added a fifth member with a very special accessory … a vagina. But after getting dumped from the team, Venus chose to end her life the way all discarded turtles meet their maker. Seen it a million times … tried to flush herself down the toilet.

S04E12 – Maurice Was Caught – There is one short segment showing the turtles slowly approaching each other.
S04E15 – Due to Constraints of Time and Budget – Again reference to Mario Kart racing, on the dashboard you can see icons such as green and blue turtles, they are also part of the dialogue. It is mentioned that the green turtles are an endangered species.

– Are those green turtles?
– Whatever they are, they’re getting shot.
– Come on! Green turtles are endangered!

– Come on! Not that one!
– The blue turtle shell always seeks out …

S04E16 – The Ramblings of Maurice – One of the segments is devoted to the threat posed by plastic elements of six-packs and other such multi-packs and a reminder that just in case they should be “torn”. The whole thing is, of course, a mock warning, because it is shown how a fight breaks out in a turtle bar and the turtles are fighting and when such foil rubbish reaches them “from above”, one uses it to strangle the other.
S05E05 – Malcolm X: Fully Loaded – In one segment, on the audience, among others, ou can spot the Shredder.
S05E19 – Fool’s Goldfinger – A segment of The World’s Coolest Turtle appears in which a standing turtle is shown, his shell open and the propeller come out, so he can fly.
S06E08 – Choked on Multi-Colored Scarves – The turtle only mentioned in the dialogue, the characters look at the clouds, one of them says “Look turtle!”, But the cloud itself is not shown.

– Hey, look, a turtle!

S06E10 – Collateral Damage in Gang Turf War – A TMNT segment appears, one of them shows its breakdance movements twirling on the shell, but can’t get up by itself. Which ends tragically for him. There is also a segment in this episode which shows Bowser from the Mario universe for a second.
S06E12 – Butchered in Burbank – There is a reference to TMNT in the form of a street sharks cartoon advertisement, not being a TMNT rip-off at all.

– The street sharks “!
– It’s in-your-face, half-man, half-shark action that’s …
– Totally different from the ninja turtles!

– Plus, you won’t hear any hackneyed turtle puns on this show! Plus shell of a fun, hehe.

– It’s one shell of a good time – oh, wait.

S07E03 – Secret of the Booze – A cutscene with TMNT and other characters from their universe appears.
S07E11 – Super Guitario Center – TMNT segment, Shredder romance with April!

– Turtles, strength comes from within.

– She’s the perfect bait to catch the turtles.

– I should go before the turtles wake up.

S08E01 – Garbage Sushi – Turtle is in bank robbery segment. The policemen shooting at him are not able to hurt him. However, a policeman who throws a grenade into his shell is very effective.
S08E04 – Cheese Puff Mountain – Turtle appears in a parody segment of Paw Patrol. In addition, in the segment where animaniacs present Kamasutra positions, “Snapping Turtle” is listed.
S08E11 – Fridge Smell – There is a segment where Splinter “teaches” turtles about sexual matters. Which ends up in creating a turtle-friendly sex doll version of April.
S08E15 – Hopefully Salt – A segment from TMNT showing their brutality in action, title itself is “Pizza Brutality”, a reference to “Police Brutality”.
S08E17 – Secret of the Flushed Footlong – Krang is shown in one of the segments, in the restaurant.
S09E18 – Your Mouth Is Hanging Off Your Face – Michelangelo tries to pay the pizza delivery man by “exposing himself” (nude).
S10E01 – Ginger Hill in: Bursting Pipes – Two-segment with turtle elements. In the first, Shredder kills TMNTs using plastic woodcakes. In the second, a parody of the “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” program, in which there is a robotic version of the title character, there is a turtle in a package, not visible to us. Unfortunately, he ends up poorly, and Robo-Rogers kills him.

– Mr. McFeely, I was not expecting a package.
– It’s a special surprise. It likes to walk on the ground and swim in the water.
– It is a turtle.
– Uh yes, it certainly was.
– Thank you for the turtle box

S10E08 – Molly Lucero in: Your Friend’s Boob – Gamera appears in the Godzilla Musical segment!

Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special – The whole Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! crew appears in one of the scenes, including Fastback.

– It’s a turtle wearing goggles.

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