Return to Paradise

Title: Return to Paradise
Year: 1953
Director: Mark Robson
Actors: Gary Cooper, Barry Jones, Roberta Haynes, Moira Walker, John Hudson, Mamea Matatumua, Hans Kruse, Terry Dunleavy, Howard Paulsen, Donald Ashford, Herbert Ah Sue
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Country: USA

Why in Database: The turtle appears twice in the dialogues in this film. First time, one character when questioned where she was after dark, she admits that she was not alone, because she was accompanied by a young turtle. In the second case, the narrator mentions turtles and their catching.

– You know it is a sin to stay out after 9 o’clock. Were you alone?
– No.
– Answer me, Maeva. Who was with you?
– A turtle. A young turtle.

She grew handsome, strong and full of spirit. If any youngster hunted turtles out of season or got into mischief, it was always Turia.

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