Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Title: Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Year: 2008
Actors: Jason Smith, Anna Hutchison, Aljin Abella, David de Lautour, Holly Shanahan, Bede Skinner, Sarah Thomson, Kelson Henderson, Nikolai Nikolaeff, Richard Simpson
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: In the sixteenth season of Power Rangers a character named Snapper appears in 9-10 episodes. He is the Phantom Beast General and his “spirit” is, as you might guess from the name, Snapping Turtle.
Power Rangers Jungle Fury
23 (659) – Fear and the Phantoms – He makes his debut in this episode, is introduced and has a lot of scenes, fights etc.
24 (660) – Blue Ranger, Twin Danger – He is there, but withoug any greater role.
25 (661) – One Last Second Chance – He is there, but just a bit.
26 (662) – Don’t Blow That Dough – Only in the form of re-used footage from episode 23.
27 (663) – Tigers Fall, Lions Rise – He is there, but just a bit.
28 (664) – The Spirit of Kindness – He is there, but just a bit.
29 (665) – Maryl and the Monkeys – He is there, but just a bit.
30 (666) – To Earn Your Stripes – He is there, a bit more than usual.
31 (667) – Path of the Righteous – He is there, but just a bit.
32 (668) – Now the Final Fury – He is there, takes part in the fight etc.

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