Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Title: Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Year: 2004
Actors: James Napier Robertson, Kevin Duhaney, Emma Lahana, Jason David Frank, Katrina Devine, Miriama Smith, Tom Hern, Latham Gaines, Jeffrey Parazzo, Ismay Johnston, James Gaylyn
Genre: Action, Adventure, SF
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: In Season 12 of the Power Rangers turtles appears… actually, not at all. This season marked the anniversary, 500th episode of the series (the fourth episode of the season, its titled Legacy of Power) in which the heroes could see all previous versions of Power Rangers. Among the characters recalled and shown on the recordings, there are also those from Power Rangers Wild Force – where almost all action is located in the city of Turtle Cove. You can also see this city behind the heroes, but its name is not mentioned anywhere in this episode – so fact that this is city with “Turtle” in name is known only to people familiar with that season.

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