Polar Bear’s Cafe

Title: Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear’s Cafe)
Year: 2012-2013
Japan Dubbing: Takahiro Sakurai, Jun Fukuyama, Hiroshi Kamiya, Aya Endô, Daisuke Ono, Wataru Hatano, Takayuki Kondô, Yûichi Nakamura, Katsuyuki Konishi, Kishô Taniyama
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Country: Japan
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: The anime, consisting of 50 episodes, tells the story of the title cafe run by the Polar Bear and the characters visiting this place. The most constant and equivalent heroes are Panda and Penguin who are customers and Sasako, who is a human worker (waitress). In addition, the episodes regularly feature a constant pantheon of other characters, mainly animal (such as Grizzly, a friend of the polar) and a few human. One of the characters often seen in the episodes is Mr. Tortoise. He is large, gray and very slow, both in movement and speech (he shares these qualities with another character, the Sloth). It is also worth mentioning that the cafe is somewhat key, but the action of episodes often take place elsewhere, there are many scenes in the ZOO where Panda works (parttime), there is also Panda’s house and various places “in the city” (and sometimes outside of it).

Belowe is the list of episodes in which Mr. Tortoise or other turtle motives appears. When there is no additional description, it’s just Mr. Tortoise in episode, when there is a description, its presence or not is explained in that description. All episodes have at least two (although it happens that it is one story divided into parts 1 and 2, so it’s one in total), occasionally three stories, the first story has the letter a added to the episode number, the second, b.
01a – Welcome to the Polar Bear’s Cafe
02a – Everyone’s Cafe
05b – Everyone’s Parfait
07a – Mr Handa’s Make-Over Plan
09b – Mr. Penguin’s Confession – No Mr. Tortoise, only Kappa mentioned in a joke/pantomime.
11a – Mr. Penguin’s Heartbreak – Episode full of Mr. Tortoise, besides him, a tortoise shell is also for some reason weared by the Penguin .
12a – Panda, TSourcef Boredom
12b – Panda’s Advice Room for Troubles
13b – Panda’s Wish
18a – The Café’s Ghost Stories
20a – The Ideal Single Life
21a – Panda is No Longer a Panda
24b – A Sports Day Filled With Animals
25a – Mr. Penguin’s Hobbies
27b – What’s Jacu Coffee!?
29b – Mr. Penguin Goes Flying – No Mr. Tortoise. The Polar Bear, as part of one of his jokes/pantonyms, pretends to be Kappa.
30a – Halloween
30b – Llama Day
38b – For Whom Does the Bell Toll?
39a – The Animals’ Hidden Talent Contest
41a – Scattering Beans With Everyone
42a – Polar Bear’s Insomnia
43a – Pun Café
47b – Even More, What is Roasting!? – A turtle appears (along with a crane, classic Asian symbolism duo) on a postage stamp visible at one point on an envelope. Mr. Tortoise is not personally here, but appears in the form of hand puppet used by Penguin.
48b – I Became a Doll – Unusually, because fragment (b) of this episode includes the main characters in the form of paper figures/dolls, Mr. Tortoise, on the other hand, appears in the form of a real, live tortoise (you can see it on the screenshots).
50b – Cherry Blossom Viewing in Spring

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