Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us

Title: Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us
Year: 2018
Director: Tetsuo Yajima
Japan dubbing: Rica Matsumoto, Ikue Ōtani, Megumi Hayashibara, Shin’ichirō Miki, Inuko Inuyama, Unshō Ishizuka, Rina Kawaei, Mana Ashida, Kōji Ōkura, Gaku Hamada, Masako Nozawa, Kōichi Yamadera, Inori Minase, Shōko Nakagawa, Kōichi Yamadera
English dubbing: Sarah Natochenny, Michele Knotz, James Carter Cathcart, Rodger Parsons, Haven Paschall, Erica Schroeder, Billy Bob Thompson, Eddy Lee, Kathryn Cahill, Pete Zarustica, Laurie Hymes, Lianne Marie Dobbs, Marc Thompson
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Country: Japan

Why in Database: Twenty-first animated Pokemon movie, the second in a new timeline established by previous movie. Obviously, it has some turtle-pokemon elements. They are minor, but numerous – throughout the film, various Squirtles appear more or less in the second and third planes – someone holds them, they help with something, sometimes they jsut stand. At the end of the movie, Wartortle also appears, helping in the fight against fire.

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