Morning Light

Title: Morning Light
Year: 2008
Director: Mark Monroe
Wystąpili: Chris Branning, Graham Brant-Zawadzki, Chris Clark, Roy Edward Disney, Charlie Enright, Jesse Fielding, Robbie Kane, Steve Manson, Chris Schubert, Kate Theisen, Mark Towill, Genny Tulloch, Pieter van Os
Genre: Documentary, Sport
Country: USA

Why in Database: One of the crew members, is nicknamed “turtle”. During the film, she is called like this four times, in different scenes.

Turtle, you’ve gotta be here because you…

Oh, and ask Turtle if he’d rather have a nice tall glass of Baileys at the dock instead of a mai tai.

Turtle, let’s take you to the paradise city. Oh, my God. It feels so good.

Whoo! A little happy little Turtle up there. Break out the inscription tool!

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