Mock Turtle

Mock Turtle is a character from the well-known book “Alice in Wonderland”. His name comes from a fake turtle soup, which was prepared on the basis of beef, not turtle – like many things in Carol’s work, also the name of this character is… a wonder. The way he is typically presented, as a combination of turtle and ox/cow, results directly from this.

At the moment, we have entries in the database about eleven films about Alice in which this character appears (Important detail – the segment with Mock Turtle is often omitted in film adaptations):
1915 – Alice in Wonderland
1931 – Alice in Wonderland
1933 – Alice in Wonderland
1953 – Kraft Television Theatre: Alice in Wonderland
1966 – Alice in Wonderland
1972 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
1983 – Great Performances: Alice in Wonderland
1985 – Alice in Wonderland
1985 – Dreamchild
1999 – Alice in Wonderland
2010 – Alice in Wonderland (only on the painting!)

Other films where the Mock turtle is mentioned:
Ballet Shoes
The Front Page
His Girl Friday

We also have a text about comic books in which this character appears, as well as note about a completely different comic character. using that name (in the Astro City comic series) .

In addition, at Portadown, Ireland, you can see a sculpture of the Mock-Turtle and Alice.

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