Holmes & Watson

Title: Holmes & Watson
Year: 2018
Director: Etan Cohen
Actors: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Rebecca Hall, Rob Brydon, Kelly Macdonald, Lauren Lapkus, Pam Ferris, Ralph Fiennes, Hector Bateman-Harden, Codie-Lei Eastick, Laura Stevely, Layla Rose Boyce, Sadie Newman, Harry Baxendale, Ella Bright
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Criminal
Country: USA

Why in Database: At the beginning of the film, we meet Holmes as a child. When he arrives at school – he has a turtle with him, which, however, cruel kids damage by throwing him. We can see a few shots of both a healthy turtle and a turtle on a special construction, after he was injured (the magic of cinema, of course, and no turtle was really hurt during the shooting, in the throw scene, despite the blur, you can see that the prop turtle is being thrown, not a live animal). Later in the film, in the office of an adult Holmes you can see at least two turtle elements, a figurine and something unidentified, but with a turtle shell.

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