Heroes Manufactured

Title: Heroes Manufactured
Year: 2016
Director: Yaron Betan
Wystąpili: Neal Adams, Vitaly S. Alexius, Gillian Anderson, Sanya Anwar, Andre Campbell, Neve Campbell, Tia Carrere, Meaghan Carter, Richard Comely, Kevin Conroy, Charlie Cox, Kevin Eastman, Alfonso Espinos, Lou Ferrigno, Jonathan Frakes
Genre: Documentary
Country: Canada

Why in Database: Documentary film, which focuses on Canadian comic super heroes, also introduces, of course, Canadian filmmakers and conventions. On one of the conventions you can see a person dressed as Roshi from Dragon Ball, in another part you can also see someone wearing head of Ninja Turtle. In addition, you can see ninja turtles in many drawings in several different parts of the film.

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