Hawaii Five-0

Title: Hawaii Five-0
Year: 2010-2020
Actors: Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Taylor Wily, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Chi McBride, Dennis Chun, Masi Oka, Jorge Garcia, Ian Anthony Dale
Genre: Action, Criminal, Drama
Country: USA
Viewing method: Whole series.

Why in Database:
This ten-season series with many turtle elements, because for 240 episodes, we found turtles in 25 episodes. On the other hand, the turtles do not play any significant role in any of these episodes. They appear in the form of a second-long showing of a sea turtle swimming underwater, a turtle in the form of a drawing/sticker/pendant, etc., or they are only mentioned in the dialogue.

Detailed list:
S01E09 – Poʻipu – A bus with a turtle image is visible.
S01E11 – Palekaiko – Real turtle is shown in a short underwater scene.
S01E17 – Powa Maka Moana – Real turtle shown in a short underwater scene.
S01E19 – Ne Meʻe Laua Na Paio – A real turtle is shown in a short underwater scene, also appears as a symbol on the swimming board.
S01E20 – Ma Ke Kahakai – Petroglyphs appears, you can see one in the shape of a turtle.
S02E04 – Mea Makamae – A real turtle shown in a short underwater scene.
S02E08 – Lapaʻau – One character mentions himself finding dead turtles on a reef, he uses this to explain why in his shabby past career he never dealt with things related to the illegal trade of animals or their parts.

– Found dead turtles on the reef

S03E07 – Ohuna – One of the characters in the background has a turtle backpack.
S04E11 – Knocking – Turtles appear as t-shirt and banner graphics, in connection with the beach cleanup.
T04E12 – O kela me keia Manawa – One of the heroes, Kamekona, has a turtle pattered T-shirt.
S04E20 – Peʻepeʻe Kanaka – A real turtle shown in a short underwater scene.
S05E02 – Ka Makuakane – Turtles appear in the form of a decorative element visible in one of the houses, four animals are hanging by the stairs.
S05E06 – Hoʻomaʻike – In the context of Halloween, Ninja Turtles are mentioned.

-You know, my son’s going as a Ninja Turtle. He’s 12.

S05E07 – Ina Paha – In this episode you have memories scenes, incl. a scene from 4×12 in which you can see a Kamekona T-shirt with a turtle motif.
S05E14 – Powehiwehi – The barbershop that the heroes visit at one point, has several turtle ornaments: a mirror, a figurine, a ball with a turtle drawing.
S05E19 – Kahania – In this episode, a barbershop reappears, belonging to the same character as described above, but in a new location. Here you can see some turtle stickers.
S05E24 – Luapoʻi – You can see (only part of) turtle painting in the hospital.
S06E07 – Na Kama Hele – A real turtle is shown in a short underwater scene.
S06E14 – Hoa ‘inea – Mentioned in one dialogue is “Turtle Back Zoo”.

Buddy … when I was, um, about 12 years old, I saw, uh, two sea lions mate at the, uh, Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange.

S07E01 – Macaukau ‘oe e Pa’ani? – In the suspect’s room you can see two turtles stickers, gray and green, on the cork board. There is also something on the wall that may be a turtle shell.
S07E06 – Ka hale ho’okauwel – The mention of Turtle Bay appears.
S07E23 – Wehe ‘ana – One of the scenes mentions a turtle in dialogue.

Is this the, uh, the guy who swam too close to the turtle?

S08E18 – E Ho’Oko Kuleana – One of the characters, a child, has a turtle pendant.
S08E22 – Kopi Wale No I Ka I’a A ‘Eu No Ka Ilo – Turtle kite appears.
S09E19 – Pupuhi ka he’e o kai uli – There is a turtle postcard in the shop.

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